11 Mar 2019

What will triple glazed sash windows do for noise reduction

We recently have had a significant uptick in the number of enquiries for triple glazed sash windows and I thought it would be easier to write an entire article that covers all of the benefits of tripl...
10 Mar 2019

How secondary glazed sash windows was used by Islington council to sign of an incorrect install in a conservation area

I learnt something rather interesting this week when a customer enquired about new double glazed sash windows. They contacted me because of an incorrect install approximately a couple of years before ...
04 Mar 2019

Double glazing original sash windows and repairing where necessary in Islington, Holloway

Original sash window double glazed and built back in situ with a draught proofing system
In this case study we double glazed the original sash windows. This involves installing double glazed units into the original sash. There was also sash window repairs to effect and at the same time we...
06 Feb 2019

Double glazed sash windows and sill replacement case in Walthamstow study

In this double glazed sash windows install we had two bays windows and a single window that needed new double glazed sash installed into the original frame. There was also the added complication of si...
03 Feb 2019

Double glazed bay sash windows case study

Double glazed sash window bay completed installed into the original bay frame.
In this case study we replaced the sash windows making use of the original frame. We manufactured the double glazed sash like for like, making them look as close as possible to the original single gla...
26 Jan 2019

Sash window repair North London: replacement sash rail

Sash window repair in North London after rail replacement.
The lower bottom sash rail is particularly vulnerable to weathering. It’s one of the most exposed points on a sash window and the most common failure points on properties in North London. The bottom...
17 Jan 2019

New Double Glazed Sash Windows Using The Original Box Frame in North London

This was an extremely pleasing install. The result is almost identical.
This install of double glazed sash windows into the original frame in North London was particular gratifying because the match for the original windows took considerable effort to make like for like a...
02 Jan 2019

Preventing condensation on sash windows

preventing condensation on sash windows
When condensation on sash windows form, we need two basic conditions to be met: outside air temperature needs to be far lower than inside our home. Then, we must have a saturation of moisture(relative...
24 Dec 2018

Avoid – Sash Window Draught Proofing Doesn’t Work For All Sashes

When sash window draught proofing just won't keep the home warm and should be avoided
Sash window draught proofing won’t improve every single sash window in London and sash window draught proofing might just be a big waste of money. By choosing carefully which sash windows are ve...
22 Oct 2017

Kensington and Shepherd’s Bush Sash Window Repair, Draught Proofing, and Glazing Case Study

Kensington and Shepherd’s Bush sash windows in need of draught proofing and repairs
Kensington and Shepherd’s Bush sash windows in need of draught proofing and repairs
In this Kensington and Shepherd’s sash window repair and draught proofing case study our client required his six sash windows to be repaired and draught proofed. A couple of the sashes also had brok...