22 Apr 2021

Comparing retrofitting original sash windows with new double glazed sash into the original frame

New double glazed sash and original retrofitted sash compared on the same building
It’s been a while since I shared my thoughts and I recently did a pretty interesting job. The customer was focusing on good value for money so chose a mixture of retrofitting double glazing into the...
11 Sep 2020

What will retrofitting original sash windows with double glazed units do for heat insulation?

You’ve arrived on my article because you’re considering upgrading your single glazed wooden sash windows but you don’t necessarily want the expense of entire replacement sash. ‘You can exp...
09 Jul 2020

Sash windows: green homes grants scheme explained as we know it

An external look at a Venetian sash window double glazed with arched head
Update 18th August 2020 – Sash window green homes grant Following our discussion with Certass regarding costs and requirements, we will not follow through with our application. Given the short t...
24 May 2020

What’s happened to sash windows in London through Covid?

Internal look at a Venetian double glazed sash window with arched head fitted and touched in ready for the frame to be painted
Good day to you fellow Londoners, It’s been absolutely ages since I last wrote a message. Not through laziness, more that I have documented every last single angle of sash windows from a diy project...
12 Apr 2019

Double glazed Venetian sash windows with an arched head

New arched double glazed Venetian sash windows offered in and ready for fitting
We used an original Venetian sash window frame and then manufactured new double glazed sashes to fit into the existing frame like for like following the original arch. The main issue with the original...
03 Apr 2019

Installing double glazed sash windows and removing aluminium inserts from the original frame

Front of property after we removed the aluminium inserts and installed the double glazed sash
This homeowner was unfortunate enough to inherit old aluminium inserts that were installed into the original box frame but was fortunate enough to find a London sash window company that was more than ...
30 Mar 2019

Original doors: installing thin double glazing into marginal light

Marginal light doors are slender glazing bars can be a tricky process maintaining the original look of the original doors. These doors already had stunning textured and coloured glass in place prior t...
11 Mar 2019

What will triple glazed sash windows do for noise reduction

We recently have had a significant uptick in the number of enquiries for triple glazed sash windows and I thought it would be easier to write an entire article that covers all of the benefits of tripl...
10 Mar 2019

How secondary glazed sash windows were used by Islington council to sign off an incorrect install in a conservation area

I learnt something rather interesting this week when a customer enquired about new double glazed sash windows. They contacted me because of an incorrect install approximately a couple of years before ...
04 Mar 2019

Double glazing original sash windows and repairing where necessary in Islington, Holloway

Original sash window double glazed and built back in situ with a draught proofing system
In this case study we double glazed the original sash windows. This involves installing double glazed units into the original sash. There was also sash window repairs to effect and at the same time we...