Sash windows: green homes grants scheme explained as we know it

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Sash windows: green homes grants scheme explained as we know it
An external look at a Venetian sash window double glazed with arched head

Update 18th August 2020 – Sash window green homes grant

Following our discussion with Certass regarding costs and requirements, we will not follow through with our application. Given the short time period, the requirement to spend 50% of your allocated budget on primary insulation such as walls and lofts first, and the overall cost, our prices would rise to the point most savings would be lost anyway.

We have been informed by Certass most accredited installers will not be participating for the above mentioned reasons.

Update from government (10th August 2020) regarding double glazing:


The green homes grant scheme should well be great news for double glazed sash windows and draught proofing insulation. As we currently understand, draught proofing and double glazing will be included and will provide you with the opportunity to recoup some or most of your costs up to £5000.

Following the clear update, the rules regarding glass energy upgrades and draught proofing are as follows:

If you would like to take advantage of the scheme and upgrade your windows for better energy efficiency you will need to spend the same amount of money on primary upgrades (loft, floor, wall) insulation to then spend the same on window energy upgrades.

So if you wanted to take full advantage of the scheme you would spend £3750 on the primary services. This would leave £3750 for windows. You would contribute £2500 and receive a voucher for the remaining amount. We have applied to participate and will have guidance in five working days.

What we know about the green homes grant scheme for sash windows so far

Private residential investment will total £2 Billion. The government will spend this money on insulation and double glazing. This means double glazing sash windows should well be included, as well and draught proofing and insulation of your sash.

The expectancy at this point, is that the Government will pay the last two thirds of an of an install of energy saving measures. So if you look at our sash window prices for draught proofing and double glazing you can expect a significant reduction if you are eligible for the scheme. You can effectively budget for only a third of this cost up to £7500.

In twenty years I have never seen such a huge opportunity for Londoners to upgrade their properties with this much government support for all. I am very excited about this proposal. I have been going on about reducing our carbon foot print and improve sash window double glazing energy efficiency for years. The article linked dates back three years in fact! We should all be looking to save energy with sash windows and the fact it’s being subsidised is a real bonus! We can only hope more details are rolled out this week.

How to apply for sash window green homes grants?

You will need to apply directly with the government. They will then direct and guide you to accredited installers following the visit of an assessor. It is possible they will suggest alternative insulation to your windows in an attempt to ensure best value for money in terms of efficiency. As I always say, the best value for money by far is loft insulation first, then walls, and following is windows and doors.

We have already applied to become an accredited installer and are awaiting feedback. We will then provide a quote. Once the work is approved, a voucher will be received to cover the two thirds pledged by the government.

What is the amount of money I will save on my sash window energy efficient upgrades?

Assuming you are not a low income household. You will receive a discount up to £5,000. This means that should our quote total £7,500, a voucher for £5,000 will be issued and you will foot the other £2,500 cost. If you look at our pricing, this will go a long way if you have a typical 4-15 windows that most homes have.

What if your sash windows need repairs as well as insulation?

If you need sash window repairs and insulation then it might well be a separate issue. We have emailed to confirm if repairs that are required to effectively double glaze and insulate will be covered in this cost. I would like to think this could included. You cannot insulate a sash window in poor condition and expect the work to last. As soon as I receive clarification on this point I will update you.

We will build a log of clients looking to take advantage of the scheme and then once details confirmed by government, we will contact you to begin the process.

The green homes grant scheme should be great news for wooden sash windows. Especially those with old sash that rattle in the wind! This is the time to get them sealed and insulated to enjoy the benefits for years to come at a fraction of the cost should the scheme go ahead!