Category: Sash Window Draught Proofing

Category: Sash Window Draught Proofing

09 Jul 2020

Sash windows: green homes grants scheme explained as we know it

An external look at a Venetian sash window double glazed with arched head
Update 18th August 2020 – Sash window green homes grant Following our discussion with Certass regarding costs and requirements, we will not follow through with our application. Given the short t...
24 Dec 2018

Sash Window Draught Proofing Doesn’t Work On All Windows

When sash window draught proofing just won't keep the home warm and should be avoided
Sash window draught proofing won’t improve every single sash window in London and might just be a big waste of money. By considering carefully which sash windows are very cold and do require wor...
18 Jul 2017

DIY sash window draught proofing to save money on heating

DIY sash window draught proofing
DIY sash window draught proofing materials.
Single glazed original sash windows that have been manufactured over one hundred years ago, in most cases, are draughty, noisy, rattle, and allow dust ingress. There are many ways in which we can impr...
17 Jul 2017

Sash Windows London

sash windows London
Our sash windows London service and products covers the most comprehensive range of any London sash window company available as of the date printed 17th July 2017. Our sash windows London services are...
16 Jul 2017

Landlords can benefit from sash window draught proofing and double glazing to improve EPC rating

EPC rating draught proofing double glazing sash windows London
How to improve energy ratings for landlords in London via sash window draught proofing and sash window double glazing
In April next year the government will make it compulsory for any landlord(with a few exceptions) to have a property that is not ‘F’ or ‘G’ graded by EPC if they wish to make...
02 Jul 2017

Reduce carbon footprint and improve energy efficiency through double glazing

reduce carbon footprint sash windows
Why should we replace our windows for more modern thermally efficient upgrades. • By increasing glazing thickness and panes we make the room warmer, and more efficient as well as reduce the amount o...
15 Jun 2017

What can we do with subsidence and wonky sash windows?

Sash window hung and installed into the frame.
Sash window hung and installed into the frame.
Every London homeowner will come across a situation whereby the window frames and sashes do not sit square in the head of the box. This is perfectly normal and as a result of a hundred years of house ...
04 Jun 2017

Save Energy At Home Starting With Sash Windows

One of the best ways to do our bit for the environment is save energy in the home. We all forget to turn off lights, or turn down the heating when the room is more than comfortable already and these a...
21 May 2017

Is it really worth draught proofing my original sash windows?

Original sash window draught proof and decorated
Original sash window draught proof and decorated
Is it really worth draught proofing sash windows? There has never been an easier question and answer than this in the whole of the sash window industry. Absolutely yes if you can find someone that wil...
16 May 2017

Replace or repair my sash windows?

repair or replace my sash windows
Using existing sash windows in almost all cases will result in short, medium, and long term costs savings, as well as reducing carbon emissions. If you’re unsure on the correct path to take, th...