What’s happened to sash windows in London through Covid?

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What’s happened to sash windows in London through Covid?
Internal look at a Venetian double glazed sash window with arched head fitted and touched in ready for the frame to be painted

Good day to you fellow Londoners,

It’s been absolutely ages since I last wrote a message. Not through laziness, more that I have documented every last single angle of sash windows from a diy project replacing your own sash cords to how to double glaze existing sash windows. I frequently have competitor companies asking me why on Earth would I document and share so much information to the carpenters around the UK, allowing them to replicate our repairs and upgrades from my years of knowledge.

My reply is always the same. Why wouldn’t I want people to be more comfortable in their homes, have a fuller understanding of the services and sash costs available? I can’t help every single one physically but I am more than willing to guide and consult them for free. Google gives every single home willing to type a few words into the search bar a fair whip at the crack in getting a good deal. Much thanks goes to them.

Moreover , I am proud to show you that we hold the best sash window reviews in London. Why might you ask? I am a second generation window man, third generation carpenter. It’s what we do. It’s what we’ve always done. I enjoy it. I often go to sites and make installs when there’s absolutely no need to do so at all. I enjoy the buzz of completing a job whereby the customers are over the moon. Helping people should be a part of our nature. Sadly, I feel that’s lost these days.

Sash windows London: where do we go from here

I tell you what my household is doing. We are keeping our chins up and waiting patiently for a better time. We all know far too well getting caught in a moment doesn’t reflect a lifetime. Quite frankly, I’ve enjoyed the time at home with the kids. I enjoy sash windows so much I often leave family time lacking, to my detriment. This has been an amazing time to catch up on that. I’m willing to bet many married men feel the same. There’s always a silver lining…

Where do we go from here with our sash windows Londoners?

Sit tight. We are re-opening in June, quoting with full PPE. We trust you. We trust that you would not invite us to your homes unless you are fully fit and ready to go. Likewise, you can absolutely expect the same from us. We will observe distance, as well as contact with your property. Don’t take this the wrong way. We want to stay safe and clear of Covid as much you want the same.

When will installs occur?

Realistically, clearing the backlog prior to lockdown, I would expect new work to begin August to September. Any reputable sash window company in London will be in the same position. Hold tight. We will get your windows serviced, draught proof, and replaced before the year is out. I know it seems extraordinary to be talking about windows at year end now, but that is the realistic truth based on what information is being shared to us from our Government.

If you require emergency sash window repairs we are available. If you have a project in mind then plan well. Give yourself a few months. That’s the current timeline for all reputable sash window companies. If you’re in a rush, feel free to call us. We may not be able to help but will be more than willing to advise any Londoners on sash window queries.

Again. London is and has always been resilient. It won’t be long and things will be back to the norm.

Best Regards
London Sash Window Repairs Ltd