Category: Sash Windows

Category: Sash Windows

24 May 2020

What’s happened to sash windows in London through Covid?

Internal look at a Venetian double glazed sash window with arched head fitted and touched in ready for the frame to be painted
Good day to you fellow Londoners, It’s been absolutely ages since I last wrote a message. Not through laziness, more that I have documented every last single angle of sash windows from a diy project...
12 Apr 2019

Double glazed Venetian sash windows with an arched head

New arched double glazed Venetian sash windows offered in and ready for fitting
We used an original Venetian sash window frame and then manufactured new double glazed sashes to fit into the existing frame like for like following the original arch. The main issue with the original...
03 Apr 2019

Installing double glazed sash windows and removing aluminium inserts from the original frame

Front of property after we removed the aluminium inserts and installed the double glazed sash
This homeowner was unfortunate enough to inherit old aluminium inserts that were installed into the original box frame but was fortunate enough to find a London sash window company that was more than ...
06 Feb 2019

Double glazed sash windows and sill replacement case in Walthamstow study

In this double glazed sash windows install we had two bays windows and a single window that needed new double glazed sash installed into the original frame. There was also the added complication of si...
17 Jan 2019

New Double Glazed Sash Windows Using The Original Box Frame in North London

This was an extremely pleasing install. The result is almost identical.
This install of double glazed sash windows into the original frame in North London was particular gratifying because the match for the original windows took considerable effort to make like for like a...
02 Jan 2019

Preventing condensation on sash windows

preventing condensation on sash windows
When condensation on sash windows form, we need two basic conditions to be met: outside air temperature needs to be far lower than inside our home. Then, we must have a saturation of moisture(relative...
21 Aug 2017

Timber sash windows: What are the options for upgrade and refurbishment?

Timber sash windows refurbishment London
Timber sash window refurbished and draught proofed in London
London Sash Window Repairs Ltd maintain, repair, and upgrade timber sash windows. We offer timber sash window refurbishment, draught proofing, renovation, double glazing, and decoration to existing ti...
23 Jul 2017

Sash Window Sill Replacement

Sash window sill replaced London
Sash window sill replaced and ready for decoration.
Sash window sill replacement is a great way of saving money on costly replacement and can even be done by an advanced DIY enthusiast or carpenter with the right guide, showing all the good things to d...
14 Jul 2017

Useful Installation Information

Dust sheets covering London house
Dust sheets covering, a little extreme, but the soot and nasty debris that can come from an old box makes the time well worth while.
London Sash Window Repairs Ltd pride ourselves on the ability to offer some of the lowest prices available from a professional sash window company in London. In order to help us keep our costs low and...
12 Jul 2017

Sash window repair apprenticeship

Sash window repair apprenticeship
We are expanding, professional sash window craftsmen like this are willing to teach you.
I’m pleased to announce that due to our expansion we will be taking on two apprentices in September. One will be onsite carrying out sash window repair, whilst the other learning quality joining...