Category: Sash Window Advice

Category: Sash Window Advice

05 Aug 2017

I need to repair sash windows and I am also interested in keeping my home warm, what’s the best option?

Repair sash windows: front cheek and lower rail
Sash window repair, more often than not, is an economical way of handling your restoration in your home, but when does a sash window become past it’s use by date? London Sash Window Repairs Ltd ...
23 Jul 2017

Sash Window Sill Replacement

Sash window sill replaced London
Sash window sill replaced and ready for decoration.
Sash window sill replacement is a great way of saving money on costly replacement and can even be done by an advanced DIY enthusiast or carpenter with the right guide, showing all the good things to d...
20 Jul 2017

Replace a broken sash cord for less than £10

Remove pockets to replace broken sash cords
Remove pockets in order to get access to the weight cavity.
I’m going to teach you how to replace a broken sash cord for less than £10, and I’ll also go into how to entirely overhaul your sash window, replacing all of your sash cords at the same time. Thi...
14 Jul 2017

Useful Installation Information

Dust sheets covering London house
Dust sheets covering, a little extreme, but the soot and nasty debris that can come from an old box makes the time well worth while.
London Sash Window Repairs Ltd pride ourselves on the ability to offer some of the lowest prices available from a professional sash window company in London. In order to help us keep our costs low and...
06 Jul 2017

How do I find the right London sash window company?

London sash window company
Beautiful double fronted London sash windows.
Finding the right London sash window company can be very difficult. There are now over one hundred companies and the names so similar it’s confusing and I thought what a great time to write a po...
25 Jun 2017

Listed building sash window repair, draught proofing, and double glazing

listed sash windows
It is a privilege to own a listed building of both architectural and historical significance, and this brings certain complications when there is structurally an issue or you wish to upgrade, but that...
15 Jun 2017

What can we do with subsidence and wonky sash windows?

Sash window hung and installed into the frame.
Sash window hung and installed into the frame.
Every London homeowner will come across a situation whereby the window frames and sashes do not sit square in the head of the box. This is perfectly normal and as a result of a hundred years of house ...
11 Jun 2017

The benefits of thin double glazing versus standard double glazed units installed into my original sash windows.

Double glazing an original sash window in a listed property
A single glazed sash window that has had the original glass and putty removed, ready for an installation of a slim double glazed unit.
Thin double glazing units are one of the best technological advances to come from sash windows in the last forty years. Thin double glazing has made it possible to double glaze almost any original sas...
28 May 2017

Protect the value of your home with these window & door tips.

Don't be fooled by smart plastic sales tactics. UPVC Broken after ten years requiring entire replacement
Don't be fooled by smart plastic sales tactics. UPVC Broken after ten years requiring entire replacement
This week I received a run of calls that I thought I would talk about. The calls theme being “can you send someone come to evaluate the condition of the windows and doors at a property we might...
17 May 2017

Why my sash window security leaves me sleeping peacefully.

Pictured is a Fitch fastener which looks beautiful, however not as practical and that's why this article should be read carefully as there are some great tips.
Security for sash windows has really stepped up lately. There’s never been a better time to secure sash windows and still maintain the period character of your property. With a combination of 6 ...