12 Aug 2017

What makes a brilliant sash window service?

Sash window service
What makes a brilliant ash window service?
What makes a brilliant sash window service? Some might think it’s a high quality service at a reasonable price, or well a mannered surveyor, and staff that treat your property with respect on in...
08 Aug 2017

How to decorate sliding sash windows

Decorated timber sliding sash windows
Decorated timber sliding sash windows
Did you know that it’s possible to decorate sliding sash windows without the need for costly scaffolding, in almost all situations? If you carefully follow this guide, I’ll show you how to...
05 Aug 2017

I need to repair sash windows and I am also interested in keeping my home warm, what’s the best option?

Repair sash windows: front cheek and lower rail
Sash window repair, more often than not, is an economical way of handling your restoration in your home, but when does a sash window become past it’s use by date? London Sash Window Repairs Ltd ...
29 Jul 2017

My wooden sash windows are beautiful, but they need repair, and let in the cold, and are insecure

wooden sash windows
Wooden sash windows
Wooden sash windows really look the part, a period London home that’s had it’s sash windows removed for UPVC or Louvres really suffers. How that happened, be it clever, unscrupulous UPVC window co...
23 Jul 2017

Sash Window Sill Replacement

Sash window sill replaced London
Sash window sill replaced and ready for decoration.
Sash window sill replacement is a great way of saving money on costly replacement and can even be done by an advanced DIY enthusiast or carpenter with the right guide, showing all the good things to d...
20 Jul 2017

Replace a broken sash cord for less than £10

Remove pockets to replace broken sash cords
Remove pockets in order to get access to the weight cavity.
I’m going to teach you how to replace a broken sash cord for less than £10, and I’ll also go into how to entirely overhaul your sash window, replacing all of your sash cords at the same time. Thi...
20 Jul 2017

Sash window stuck

sash window stuck open
Sash window stuck open that needed taking apart as a result of not being solvable in situ.
Having a sash window stuck , randomly, when previously working just fine is extremely worrying. Not only the security of your home is compromised, your not quite sure how to fix the problem, or even w...
19 Jul 2017

Sound proof sash windows

Sound proof sash windows
The London bus and why we need sound proof sash windows
Sound proof sash windows will genuinely improve the comfort of your home, and there’s some handy additional benefits of sound proofing your sash windows. Your sash windows will retain heat more ...
18 Jul 2017

DIY sash window draught proofing to save money on heating

DIY sash window draught proofing
DIY sash window draught proofing materials.
Single glazed original sash windows that have been manufactured over one hundred years ago, in most cases, are draughty, noisy, rattle, and allow dust ingress. There are many ways in which we can impr...
17 Jul 2017

Sash Windows London

sash windows London
Our sash windows London service and products covers the most comprehensive range of any London sash window company available as of the date printed 17th July 2017. Our sash windows London services are...